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Give bicycles a second chance! De Wielredders sell high quality second hand bikes at an affordable price, and with a 1 year warranty. We also offer bicycle repairs.

Adopt, don't shop

A look in our shop: these bikes with a story are looking for a new owner.

Our shop is temporarily out of stock. We are in the process of preparing "new" second-hand bikes. See you soon!

See the full range? Come and visit us in our shop!

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Bicycles with a story

Every year in Antwerp and in Lier, thousands of bikes are left on the streets. City employees keep track of these abandoned bikes for three months. If nobody comes to claim their steel steed, De Wielredders will give it a refurbishment and a second life.
Stop by our store and adopt a bike that suits you!

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Bikes for sale at The Wheel Savers

Second hand, first choice

You'll find a wide selection of used bikes from 195 euros and up at De Wielredders. We ensure quality: every bike comes with a 1-year warranty. This guarantee is valid for the adjustment of the brake cables and the quality of the frame and parts.

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Employee the Wheel Savers at work on a road bike

Rescuers in the event of a breakdown

Bike breakdown? No problem!!! Bring your bike to our store. The Wheel Savers offer fast service at a fair price (€45/hr). On our invoice, everything is listed in detail and charged neatly per quarter hour.

You won't encounter any surprises. In case of doubt or unexpected costs, we'll call you first.

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Bikes for sale at The Wheel Savers

sell your bike

Is your bike rusting in the garage? The Wielredders take over high-quality old bicycles. Depending on the condition and model, you will receive a voucher for a repair or an as good as new Wielredders bike.

Print out the form, bring it along with your bike to our shop and we will talk further!

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Mobile bike crash comes to pick up a bike


Looking for a B2B partner for bicycle repair? For companies and educational institutions, we offer a mobile bicycle repair service. In case of a breakdown, we’ll come over and pick up the bicycle at your company or campus and return it there afterwards. While we work on the repair, you can keep focus on your job.

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